Thursday, February 25, 2021

Armadillo Trail


Armadillo Trail
11 x 14 Oil on Linen
This painting is available at the link below:
This is Texas! Last week we had below-freezing temperatures, a foot of snow and ice on the ground, and no electricity for five days. Yesterday it was 75 degrees outside and some of my painting buddies and I went to Miller Springs Park in Belton, Texas to paint. It was a wonderful beautiful time. Many people were out walking their dogs and enjoying the day. It was like taking a long breath in and then out again. As I was walking along the well-laid path I stopped here at the Armadillo Trail. I couldn't really see where the path leads, it looked like it ended at the rock wall and I didn't venture down it to see where it went but just wanted to make sure I remembered the name. We never really know where the journey takes us. We can make plans and take action, but really we just continue on, trying to do our very best every day.
I didn't see an armadillo!
P.S. I haven't posted on my blog for a while so in the interest of catching up I am going to add a post every day, whether it is the painting of the day or an old painting. Please check out my Instagram and Facebook Page to see the latest work! Thank you! Susan

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