Sunday, June 9, 2019

Powers Chapel Church, In the Morning

18 x 14 Inch Oil on Canvas
This morning my friend Kay and I headed to Rosebud and met at Pattie's 
 house at 7:00 am. Pattie prepared some fantastic biscuits in an iron skillet.
We had butter and homemade jam with the most beautiful breakfast.
What a treat! We headed to Powers Chapel Church shortly after trying
to catch the morning light on the front of the church. We painted until it was time
for Sunday School and then joined the group for a bible lesson.
A truly blessed morning with good eating, painting, and fellowship!

It started getting hot and windy later on in the morning and my
painting kept falling over and in quick response, I tried catching it,
a couple of times. I was covered in paint at Sunday School!

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